Session variability contrasts in the marp corpus

Keith W. Godin, John H.L. Hansen


Intra-session and inter-session variability in the Multi-session Audio Research Project (MARP) corpus are contrasted in two experiments that exploit the long-term nature of the corpus. In the first experiment, Gaussian Mixture Models (GMMs) model 30-second session chunks, clustering chunks using the Kullback-Leibler (KL) divergence. Cross-session relationships are found to dominate the clusters. Secondly, session detection with 3 variations in training subsets is performed. Results showed that small changes in long-term characteristics are observed throughout the sessions. These results enhance understanding of the relationship between long-term and short-term variability in speech and will find application in speaker and speech recognition systems.

Keywords: speaker identification, session variability

Full paper

Keith W. Godin, John H.L. Hansen (2010). "Session variability contrasts in the marp corpus", INTERSPEECH-2010, Sep., pp.298-301.

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