The CCi-Mobile (Costakis Cochlear implant-MOBILE) research platform is an external body-worn sound processor interface intended to perform basic research with cochlear implants manufactured by Cochlear Corporation. The research interface bypasses the clinical processor and acts as the sound processing unit. The platform consists of: 1) a computing device (e.g., a PC, smartphone/tablet) for sound processing needs, and 2) a custom-developed interface board to connect with commercial, FDA-approved RF transmitter coils (see Figure 1). The interface board was designed, engineered and developed at UT-Dallas and is a successor to the PDA-based platform (which was under FDA-IDE # G100069). Find a more detailed elaboration under the CCi-MOBILE Details.

This project is funded by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders and Contract R01 DC010494-01A and R01 DC016839-01A.