Contact the CCi-MOBILE Team

To better serve you, the CI Lab at UT-Dallas has provided a number of different ways to address speech scientists and engineers looking to post inquiries about the functionality of the CCi-MOBILE software suite. Upon sending your request(s), inquiries, and/or questions to [email protected] with the subject line: ‘CCi-RI Inquiry’, we will respond in a timely manner and may process your request accordingly to the following categories:

  • Smiley face For investigators with highly specific, non-intuitive complications with software implementation, the CILab may provide sample code/scripts as a starting point to address the issue.
  • • NOTE: It is important to understand we are an academic organization striving to support the hearing research community. As such the CRSS-CI Lab at UT-Dallas may not be able to completely address the requested implementation either due to software constraints, operating specifications, hardware constraints, or real-time constraints. We will respond to the investigator with feedback to assist you on a best-effort basis. We also ask that the investigator review the Operating Specifications before inquiring to determine if the investigator's request is feasible.
  • Smiley face For investigators requesting suggestions from the CRSS-CI Lab at UT-Dallas on how to use the software suite to conduct experiments, we offer Hands-On Workshops at popular meetings (Conference of Auditory and Implantable Prosthesis (CIAP), Alliance of Cochlear Implants (CI), Meetings of the Acoustical Society of American (ASA), etc.). We may provide template codes and/or scripts with easy-to-follow instructions within the current routine(s) to assist the investigator in their research endeavors. Our goal here is not to insert ourselves into your research goals, but instead help facilitate your abilities to accomplish your own research goals/agendas.
  • • NOTE: The UT-Dallas CRSS-CILab may also provide subjective feedback, advice on how to address the questions and can be available for a one-time Q/A type meeting (either through Zoom/MSTeams/Conference Calls, etc.)
  • Smiley face For frequent inquiry requests, we will create Release Notes in a Memo style that address the questions and respond to the investigator. These questions and discussions may be migrated to our Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • Smiley faceFor investigators who wish to provide general feedback and logistics based on their positive/negative experience with CCi-MOBILE, the UT-Dallas CRSS-CI Lab would be happy to entertain those experiences and for user-friendly suggestions, we may choose to incorporate them in a future release. To submit suggestions and/or provide feedback, Complete the Online Survey for Current CCi-MOBILE Users.