Workshops conducted by CRSS-CILab

ARO 2021- Orlando, Florida (Feb 20-24)

The workshop slides elaborating the funcationing and application of the CCi-MOBILE can be accessed at - ARO Presentation Sldies
This was our first virtual workshop due to COVID-19 which had an audience of more than 35 attendees through Zoom. Spotlight videos highlighting the hardware, software and android platforms along with board verification have been uploaded to our youtube channel.

CIAP 2019- Lake Tahoe, California (July 14-19)

The hands-on workshop at CIAP 2019 gave attendees, complete user experience of the MATLAB and Android GUIs along with hardware insights that would be helpful while using the platform for subject testing. We had more than 50 guests attend the workshop from the cochlear implant industry and research institutions. The slides presented at the workshop can be accessed here- CIAP Presentation Sldies