Documentation and User Resources: Training and Documentation for CCi-MOBILE

General information about CCi-MOBILE for prospective adopters or current CCi-MOBILE users can be found in the documentation, manuals, and other technical documents found in the list below. For specific questions, check out the Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Video demonstrations and live recordings regarding various aspects of CCi-MOBILE including how to download CCi-MOBILE, how to connect CCi-MOBILE, and how to navigate the software suite can be found at the videos embedded or on our YouTube channel. Past presentations and Hands-On with CCi-MOBILE Workshop materials are provided and are freely available.

User Manuals | Last Updated: July 2017

Technical Manual for System Design
Technical Validation for Bilateral Synchronization
Software Manual for MATLAB Routines
Software Manual for MATLAB Applications: Coming Soon (October 2021)

CCi-MOBILE Documentation | Last Updated: September 2021

  CCi-MOBILE Executive Summary/High-Level Description
  General Information for Propective CCi-MOBILE Adopters
  2021 CCi-MOBILE Virtual Workshop Presentation (ARO)
  2019 CCi-MOBILE Hands-On Workshop Presentation (CIAP)
  2017 CCi-MOBILE Hands On Workshop Presentation (CIAP)
  2017 CCi-MOBILE Industry Session Presentation (CIAP)
  CCi-MOBILE Exhibit Materials

Release Notes | Last Updated: October 2019

Thanks to the CCi-MOBILE community, minor changes and detailed responses to inquiries have been documented in various ‘Release Notes.’ For inquiries that result in changes made to the CCi-MOBILE Software Suite, the Release Notes have been documented and updated on the GitHub page.
  • Release Notes for October 2019 | Release Notes for October 2019 details the experimental results from low-pulse rate, single channel discrepancies. In this note, oscilloscope verification was used to determine the output from CCi-MOBILE.
  • Release Notes for January 2019 | Release Notes for January 2019 details individual sample loss and differences between the real-time and offline versions of the signal processing strategy used in CCi-MOBILE Software Suite. This note is written in a question and answer format. Some of the information has also been published in our Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

  • Video Walk-through Materials for CCi-MOBILE

    How to Install CCi-MOBILE


    How to Use CCi-MOBILE


    Subject Testing Demonstrations