We are currently ENROLLING participants for Spring 2024!

How to Participate in On-Going Research with the CILab
Depending on the avaliability of research and active researchers, the CILab offers different types of participation opportunities. The majority of our listening experiments consist of asking the participant to repeat back words and/or phrases, similar to the testing performed by audiologists. Other ancillary experiments consist of listening to various forms of speech, enhanced or modified to improve intelligibility, or to listen to speech in a free-field, everyday listening conditions with our research platform (CCi-MOBILE). Review the 'Study Details' for the experiments that are currently enrolling to learn more about what participation looks like.
Due to COVID-19, the CILab is now offering participation opportunities in virtual, or online modalities in compliance with the Institutional Review Board (IRB). To learn more about the experiments offered this summer, such as the overview, compensation, and enrollment, select 'View Study Details.'
NEW! This Spring (2024), the CILab currently has a participation opportunitiy for primary speaking partners of cochlear implant participants. Primary speaking partners can include spouses, children, grandchildren, care takers, coworkers, and other persons involved in daily oral interactions with the CI participant. See the study details for more information on how to participate!
·    Spring 2024 Study Details for In-Person and In-Lab: View Study Details

Experiments with Active Enrollment (Spring 2024)

To participate in any of the above experiments within the enrollment period listed in the table, email the lead investigator or the research coordinator. This information can be found in the Study Details document (above). For questions on eligibility, extention of the enrollment period, or other questions related to the experimental protocol (time, modality, etc.), please contact the research coordinator(s), Taylor Lawson at [email protected] or Dr. Juliana Saba at [email protected].
Last Updated: February 5, 2024

Human Subjects Research in the CILab
All research studies are approved by the Institutional Review Board of The University of Texas at Dallas. See the flyer below for more information on subject eligibility, experience, and, compensation. For first time participants, please complete our online registration so the CILab can make sure you are eligible to participate. Once this is completed, our research coordinator will get in contact with you and provide mode information on how to schedule your participation day!
·    Registration and Eligibility Survey (for first time participants only): Register Online