Software Design: CCi-MOBILE Software Suite

The software suppoting the communication between the laptop/PC and the CCi-MOBILE Research Platform is open-source, and freely avaliable to all current and future users. To access the CCi-MOBILE Software Suite online, visit the Github page located in the 'CCi-MOBILE Details' side pane. The CCi-MOBILE Software Suite enables researchers to conduct a wide range of experiments. There are example applications for custom sound processing strategies, audio capture and analysis, a toolbox for conducting psychophysical experiments. The software is highly modular and reconfigurable. Users can edit/modify the code to fit their experimental needs. For those exploring pre-processing strategies, the routines are built so that custom scripts can be easily integrated as a drop-in and run system.

Board-Specific Routines: Depending on the board type (electric-only: cochlear implant research only; electric-and-acoustic: cochlear implant and hearing aid research, i.e., bimodal) the communication routines will be customized to deliver the propoer output. There are two sets of routines: (1) PC-based Software: MATLAB, 2) Android-based Software: JAVA, and (3) Hardware-based Firmware: Verilog (inaccessible to all users, i.e., locked). In the application for CCi-MOBILE, the nature of research will dictate the board type. When your research institution recieves the board, it will come preloaded with the proper firmware. A member of our team will follow up with a (.zip) of the appropriate software routines according to your board type. If you are using Github, within the 'MATLAB' directory two folders will appear for Bimodal and for Electric only.

Video Walk-through Materials for the CCi-MOBILE Software Suite

CCi-MOBILE Software Suite Overview

Software Downloads

Use the links below to download the latest source code and software suite:

downloadImage   CCi-MOBILE v.2.2s

Bilateral/Bimodal MATLAB-/Android-based Routines October 2019; Last Updated: May 2023

downloadImage   CCi-MOBILE v.2.2ciap

CIAP 2019 Bilateral Routines July 2019

downloadImage   CCi-Mobile_v2.2c1

MATLAB-/Android-based Routines March 2018

Driver Downloads

Use the links below to download the drivers:

downloadImage   PC USB Drivers

December 2016