CCi-Cloud: Cloud-based Platform for CCi-MOBILE

To expand access and functionality of the CCi-MOBILE Research Platform, a cloud-based infrastructure, CCi-Cloud, is proposed to leverage remote applications and to support remote opportunities. The goal is to expand access for CCi-MOBILE users as a laboratory community resource, including the current signal processing user base, and contribute to provide a mechanism to bring researchers and CI users together for improve interaction among current CCi-MOBILE users. This long-term effort is to develop a next-generation, flexible, open source, portable speech processor platform to be shared with the CI research community in a virtual/online manner. The cloud platform is categorized into 3 primary subsets: (1) data sharing among collaborating research institutions, (2) remote/virtual experimentation and data collection among researchers and CI participants, and (3) online crowdsourcing to promote CCi-MOBILE in both research and naturalistic field scenarios. Additionally, we aim to develop a secure, cloud-based service where researchers can share code and data complying with standard formats. This work was supported by Grant No. R01 DC016839-03S2 (a CLOUD based Collaborative Supplement) from the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institutes of Health.

Download/View CCi-Cloud Overview (CIAP 2021)