Subscription Tiers: CCi-MOBILE Membership Tiers/Subscription Plans

To receive a CCi-MOBILE at your institution or company, a material transfer agreement (MTA) from the University of Texas at Dallas will be setup according to the following subscriptions/membership options. There are two main types of memberships: owner and rental. The Platinum and Platinum Plus plans include full ownership of the CCi-MOBILE Research Platform, while the Gold and Silver memberships involve renting the device for distinct periods of time, i.e., no ownership. These membership plans were developed to facilitate sustainability of the research platform. There is a cost for each membership plan due to the University of Texas at Dallas purchasing materials to support the hardware components of the research platform. The funds that we are recouping from this are simply to provide infrastructure to sustain both the hardware and the support for the platform. Our goal is not to make money from this, but to support to the research community and to try and help advance research technologies for cochlear implant users as well as hearing aid communities. We hope that CCi-MOBILE will be able to provide you with a viable research support system that will advance your research. For more information about each of the tiers, or if there is not a tier that best describes your desired ownership/rental options, please feel free to reach out to the UT-Dallas CRSS CILab director, Dr. John Hansen to provide a custom solution catered to your institution/company.

Sample Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) for Each Tier:

  • MTA for Silver (Lease) Membership
  • MTA for Gold (Lease) Membership
  • MTA for Platinum (Ownership) Membership
  • MTA for Platinum Plus (Ownership) Membership
  • Current Membership Plans (Updated September 2021)

    Dr. Hansen on Subscription Tiers